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andersenmom in dz_agents

Mission 01: Goals for this week

15-21 April

Empty dishwasher 6/6
Exercise 4/5
Laundry 1/5
Fill & start dishwasher 5/6
Work on finances 0/5

Mon: Italian Crock pot chicken
Tue: spaghetti
Wed: Pizza (PTA)
Thu: Ham fried rice

Fri: Shepherd's pie - changed to lasagne hamburger helper

Cleaning (pick up clutter, sweep & mop or vacuum)
Mon: living room
Tue: bedroom and bathroom
Wed: laundry room (get far enough on laundry to do it)
Thu: dining room
Fri: kitchen
Zone 3 (main bath and other room - office) mission 0/5

Change oil in van
Clean van
Renew membership for DMNS
Crochet at least one hat, maybe two
Mail the RSVP to Toggie's wedding
Pay bills
Email book group
Annual check-up appointment
Print reader of the month sheets

Midnight Theatre - at least 870 words until done 2/6 - finished!
Revise Haunted
Get revisions into the computer
Brainstorm Table of Doom prompts
Schedule writerverse challenges on calendar

Wow, that was a failure of a list.