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ok_george in dz_agents

Week of 5/26 to 5/31

Mission 01
May Schedule / Goals

Week of 5/26 to 5/31
Spend one day at office
Mail in tablet to get fixed
Rewrite Mrs&Motorcycle from 3rd person POV
Submit M&M
Write at least one hour per day
Spend an additional hour each day editing, writing, or researching
Finish photographing my stuff
Write a blog

Month of May:
Finish read through of Crash
Create comprehensive list of pen names and genres
½! Create Organization method for the photos
½! Assign values to anything worth selling
1/2! Take apart kitchen / go down to the basics
1/2! Get all of my writing saved in one place (new backup)
Start youth book idea
Purchase 1TB Backup Hard drive

Tentative Month of June:
Begin Crash edit
Begin File scanning
Write two blogs per week
Start waking up at 7:30 with A
Spend two hours per day on my dream
Clear out and combine kids rooms
Schedule or sell Cruise
Limit time on FB
Limit time on Candy Crush